Origin of this Site

When I hear about a young girl who hates her body, I cringe.

I was that young girl once.

Overweight, developing faster than a lot of other girls my age.

“Overweight and disgusting,” I thought.

My mother raised me with a lot of love. This was not directly her fault. (More on this later.)

Your body is not a burden. I want girls to know this. I wish I had realized it sooner.

The same goes to young boys. Your body is not a burden. I cannot speak for you because I cannot relate to your struggle, but I hope you appreciate my message all the same. I hope teenagers and adults of various genders and races and walks of life can appreciate my message.

No Diets, No Masters is here to relay 3 things:

  • my personal story, including my ups and downs; my struggles and triumphs; how I’m currently figuring shit out
  • awesome food posts that are meant to nourish your body . . . and treat your body! Nothing is off limits.
  • Tons of encouragement and “LOVE YOURSELF” messages . . . because I 100% believe in this.

No Diets, No Masters hopes to, in the future:

  • Share others’ stories . . . female, male, black, white, red, yellow, green, gay, straight, asexual . . .whatever
  • Contribute to programs and charities that promote body positivity, healthy relationships with food, and overall just feeling good about YOU the way that you are!

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