A Personal Briefing on Fear and Motivation


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There have been many times in my life when I opted not to do something because the fear (and/or the overwhelming anxiety) was just too much. I rationalized myself out of these ideas and said that I must think logically and I must be responsible. Was I really being logical and responsible by backing out so often? Sometimes, yes. But is that really the best way to go about life? Letting anxiety and fear get in the way of everything you are passionate about?


Absolutely not.


I find I am often not very self-motivated, even when I am passionate and fired up about something. I will have a brilliant idea and a spark in my eye, but if I overthink it for just a second – it’s done. I don’t pursue. I make excuses – “I have other things that need to get done to pay my bills;” “I am not prepared to take something like this on right now;” “I don’t know if I am being realistic about what I can accomplish.”


As independent as I am, it is very hard for me to accomplish anything not only without some sort of authoritative accountability. I try and try to break free from this and be my own motivation, but I think my anxiety gets in the way.


Where does this leave No Diets, No Masters after a month of radio silence?


Actually, NDNM is in a very opportune position, my friends.


I have been selected a #FeministAmbassador for the Feminist Apparel brand. I wrote this lovely company asking to be selected and even though I thought I didn’t have a chance, here we are.

For every order placed through feministapparel.com using the promo code JUSTINE10, you not only receive 10% off your order, but $3 goes into the No Diets, No Masters fund to help this organization grow! As a bonus, this organization is willing to help me where I need direction and also they have essentially give me a deadline . . . YAY FOR ACCOUNTABILITY! I NEED THAT! (Always know what you need and never be afraid to ask for it – it’s something that took me a bit to learn, but its finally paying off.)


If you need a reminder, No Diets, No Masters strives to:

  • Be a body positive, safe space for ALL
  • Share a love of food, drink, and coffee (which is its own group, I assure you)
  • Promote a healthy relationship with said food, drink, and coffee
  • Share experiences of bad body image, eating disorders, self-harm, and learning self-love and care
  • Ultimately either turn into its own charity (that would help those in recovery from eating disorders and poor body image) or donate to already existing charities that promote these ideals.

Why are eating disorders and self-love a feminist issue?


Feminism is a range of political movements, ideologies, and social movements that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve political, economic, personal, and social rights for women that are equal to those of men (thank you Wikipedia). Honestly the wordy definition takes away from the fact that feminism is equality for all (and the movement is not limited to just 2 genders). From Feminist Apparel’s website- “our feminist ideology is simple, feminism is for human rights, respect, and inclusivity.” I co-sign this 100%.  It is my belief that eating disorders and self-love are a feminist issue often the cause of poor body image and EDs are due to the media’s constant portrayal of an unrealistic beauty image. The media does not reflect the reality, does not reflect the people, and does not do a good job of promoting equality. No one should think less of themselves because they believe the world thinks less of them. It is my belief that everyone should be equally portrayed and everyone should equally feel loved.


Now, EDs and poor body image affect all genders and I do want this to be a safe place for all but as I am a white female, until I receive contributions I can only speak for my own experiences. I try my best to remain all-inclusive but my personal experiences are my own and as I share my experiences with the world, I want the world to share their experiences with me. nodietsnomasters@gmail.com is always open for business and while I can’t guarantee I can be a 24/7 help hotline, I can be someone for you to reach out to.


Now is the time to really grow, together. I look forward to it!

<3 Justine 🙂

PS – again, that code is JUSTINE10 while shopping www.feministapparel.com ! Multiple orders are appreciated when possible, as it is $3 per order and not $3 per item 😉 But any help is help and I’ll take whatever I can get to get this passion project of mine off the ground!

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