To Our Independence

eat free be free

Independence- “the fact or state of being ‘independent’.”


It’s Independence Day in the US today, but I’m reflecting on a different state of independence. A different type of freedom.


Freedom from poor body image. Freedom from disordered eating. Freedom from societal bullshit.

Freedom to be myself. And yourself. And all of our own, very individual selves.


Today, No Diets, No Masters is officially launching. It will be slow going, at first. But recovery is slow going. Unlearning everything negative you’ve ever been taught, unlearning everything negative you’ve ever told yourself- that is slow going.  This healing and rebirthing process requires time, patience, and kindness. And lots of delicious food. Tons of it. Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about that part.


Welcome to No Diets, No Masters – we don’t believe in counting calories. We believe in nourishing the mind, body, and soul through education and positivity. Make sure to check out our “About” page for our goals. Or “About the Creator” to learn more about, well, the creator!


Please stick with us as we grow from a blog-type site into an actual website 😀

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